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Laizer Kornwasser

Entrepreneurial Leadership

About Laizer

Whether he is giving a TEDx talk, leading a business, or lecturing a classroom full of eager young minds, Laizer Kornwasser believes that seeing things from other people ’s the key to being a successful leader and helping others to learn and grow. After more than 20 years of managerial experience and teaching, he understands that embracing feedback is crucial in the quest toward growth in our personal, academic, and professional lives.

During his many years in the business world, Laizer Kornwasser acquired a variety of skills that helped him achieve success. After getting his Bachelor’s degree in accounting from Yeshiva University, he worked as an auditor for Coopers & Lybrand before earning his MBA from Harvard Business School. He then became an associate professor at Yeshiva University before embarking on his career at Merrill Lynch as an associate, where he was involved in U.S. and Latin American deals valued at over $11 billion.

As he continued to develop his skill set, Walker Digital’s entrepreneurial and patent-encouraging environment appealed to his inquisitive mind. Laizer became Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Finance at Walker Digital and gained an appreciation for innovation from this experience.  Serving as a consultant for Opera Solutions helped him learn corporate strategy and how to focus on delivering results through innovation.

Additionally, upon moving into various senior executive positions at Medco Health, Laizer sharpened his leadership, team building, and motivating skills. He learned why focusing on long-term growth is more important than just looking at the immediate picture. His ability to understand people’s needs also led to the realization that patients want to be more engaged in their own healthcare decision-making. This led to the development of a patient-centric engagement initiative which increased patient adherence and compliance. Laizer also developed an integrated diabetes solution to ensure patients with diabetes received the supplies they needed.

During his tenure at Medco, Laizer Kornwasser also led Consumer Solutions, Mail & Generic Solutions, Retail Networks and Business Development that consistently exceeded expectations and taught him how to effectively manage large teams of employees. In addition to acquiring leadership skills, Laizer also gained entrepreneurial experience by successfully negotiating acquisitions and licensing deals.

As a passionate professor at Yeshiva University, Laizer has taught a variety of courses, such as: managing a growing business, entrepreneurial leadership, and real estate. He has mentored hundreds of students as they embark on new careers in the business world.

Laizer Kornwasser is currently the President and Chief Operating Officer of CareCentrix, a company that is focused on improving health care quality and lowering health care costs by giving patients the freedom to heal or age at home.

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